2015 Business Plan

Making 2015 Your Most Successful Year

planYes, it’s time to start thinking about plans for the coming year. Many of the most successful businesses in our area use this period of time to develop next year’s plan for growth and success. In fact, several travel to workshops as far away as Chicago for guidance on developing their plan.

A business planning session is an opportunity to spend time on your business not in your business. It is not just something that big companies use, but has been used across the county by small business including; non-profits, landscapers, retailers, restaurants, realtors, print shops, insurance brokers, churches, independent sales representatives, and HVAC Companies.

The Process

A facilitator will guide you through a process to help you identify and prioritize your defined measurements for success and help you develop a specific plan of action through questionnaires, and assessments. This unique process allows you to crystalize those things that are important to you in your business or charitable organization which helps you define a plan to see those things come to fruition.

The Results

At the completion of the process, the participant will emerge with a plan that was created by them for their particular business or organization. This is not a lecture, where you take notes and leave with the assignment to develop a plan. This is a workshop in which you develop a complete plan with the help of a business coach. This process can be done in a group workshop or one-on-one.

The Workshop

A workshop is usually focused on small business and non-profits in a community. It usually involved two four-hour sessions over two consecutive days. There is some homework between the two sessions involving developing some initial ideas for the coming year. The size is limited to 10 people, so that the facilitators can spend a sufficient amount of time working one-on-one with the participants. Each participant is supplied with a workbook to guide them through the process. The group is limited to one participant from each business sector so that there is no concern with competition. Ideas are only shared with others in the workshop where it is of common interest.

A workshop entitled Making 2015 Your Most Successful Year in being organized for the afternoon of Friday, October 31st and the morning of Saturday, November 1st. It will be held at The Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce Office in Shallotte, NC. Please see specific information in this newsletter.

 One-On-One Programs

The second option is to work one-on-one with one of our experienced business coaches. A business leader may choose to be the sole participant or select  additional people in their organization to be involved. The optimum plan is to do the process in four two-hour sessions, though variations may be considered to satisfy the needs of participants. The session may be done in person, on the phone or by Skype. The process is the same as the workshop, producing a written plan at the conclusion. Contact us at (910) 575-1286 or email bob@plangoals.com to discuss specifics and cost involved.

 Will The Plan Work?

 Of course, much of that depends on you, but we can help. It is often said that the best plans of businessmen and mice often go astray, but it is important not to throw the plan out, but revise it based on new information. So the planning process is dynamic not stagnant. Our business coaches will work with you over the following year to help you discover ways around and over obstacles as they arise. Expect a monthly call to ask how the plan is doing and continuous help throughout the period.

This is an opportunity to take time off from the daily priorities in your business and take a longer range look.  It could be the difference between just having a good business or organization and a great one.