Workshops & Seminars


Interactive Workshops and Seminars are a valuable part of an annual meeting or organizational retreat. If well executed, they provide the participants an opportunity to participate in discussions and exercises which provide a learning experience. RLS Focused Solutions has successfully conducted a range of these programs throughout the country. Shown below are some of the most requested. Lets discuss how they might best energize your meeting.


Board Engagement

directorsIn  working with non-profit organizations, we have often heard the phrase “board engagement”. What does it really mean? We know that this is  important and had the perspective that engaging your board is a critical component for organizational success, but we could not find any consensus on what engaging your board really means. So, we set out to conduct a series of interviews with non-profit leaders to start the conversation. This paper provides the results of those interviews and some of our conclusions. We invite you to consider our findings and be part of this continuing conversation. Click HERE to obtain a copy.

Finding and Hiring The Right People

interviewLeaders of small companies and nonprofits are often in the need of hiring or replacing staff. This workshop provides the participant to learn some new, but proven techniques, to be used during the hiring and interviewing process. It includes interactive exercises that allow the practice of some of the best practices. Click to read an article discussing some of these techniques.

Gaining Traction in Nonprofit Organizations

Like any business, nonprofits need strong leadership to achieve their aims. In Gene Wickman’s book, Traction-Get a Grip on Your Business, he provides insights for success in entrepreneurial for-profit businesses; but with some modification, many of  these concepts need to be considered by nonprofits. Whether the organization is cause-based, membership based or a foundation, these concepts can be applied to insure success. This workshop is ideal to engage organizational leadership during a day-long retreat or paired down to focus in specific areas. Click to read an article on this subject

Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences

DISCHow often have you seen a manager or supervisor give up on a difficult situation with an employee or group because they just can’t understand the cause of the difficulty. This workshop allows them to understand behavioral styles including their own and how that knowledge can be applied to rectifying these conflicts. Click to read an article on this subject.