New Year Plan

A Time to Plan

planThis is that time of year when we reflect on the events of the previous year and begin to plan for the current year. Think back over the last year and think what you learned from your failures and successes. We hope to be lifetime learners and understand that much of our education comes from our practical experience. Therefore, let’s build our future with what we learned for the past.

In thinking back over 2019 ask yourself:

  • What goals from the beginning of the year did I achieve and what were the results of that achievement?
  • What goals did I not achieve and what obstacle did I face?
  • Who or what inspired me most?
  • What relationships grew and which ones faded?
  • Who and what are I most grateful for?
  • What new understanding have I developed?

In thinking forward into the New Year, ask yourself these questions which may help you develop your plan.

  • What am I longing for-really longing for-this year?
  • What is my greatest aspiration for my life in the year ahead?
  • A year from now, how would I like to see my life?
  • What relationships-family, friends, colleagues, clients-do I most want to invest in?
  • What have I been holding onto that is no longer serving me? What do I need to let go of?
  • What needs to change?
  • What are my immediate next steps?
  • What three commitments can I make in the next 30 days that will positively impact my success?
  • How am I going to measure progress towards my desired outcomes?
  • What will be different when I cross the finish line? How will that feel?
  • What are the consequences if nothing changes?

Of course we hope that you are either already or  in the process of developing your personal and career plans for the coming year. Let us know if we can help.

Thanks to Kevin Brimhall of JFD Performance Solutions for this contribution to this article.