Growing and Strengthening Your Nonprofit


Of course, all organizations need to grow and strengthen their team. For profit business look to increase sales along with adding new products and services. Likewise nonprofits look to strengthen and increase the services they supply to their clients. Nonprofits are often limited in their resources and have to operate in a very efficient manner. A wide range of services are available to help build efficiency but let us consider one possibility.

Let’s consider a wide range of workshops that you might consider for a one or two hour workshop. These might occur at the beginning or the end of a workday. They might be included as part of a “lunch and learn” for the staff. Whatever the timing ,they are facilitated programs where there is heavy involvement by the participants and a minimum of lecturing by the discussion leader. Studies have shown these facilitated sessions optimize adult learning.

Consider the following list of subjects for such a workshop:

  • Membership Growth– Growing the number of members in an association or the number of clients to which service can be provided. Using the combined knowledge and focus of the group, action plans can be developed to meet this objective.
  • Communication– Improved communication adds to the effectiveness of any organization. Misunderstandings and false perceptions can lead to conflict and serious interpersonal conflict. Listening techniques are important part of communication and provide for interesting discussion.
  • Building and Strengthening You Board– An effective board of directors can be an important asset for any nonprofit. This session is suggested for either an executive committee or a board subcommittee. Read our white paper on Board Engagement. Click here for a copy
  • Membership Engagement- Always an issue with associations. Why are you members’ not attending meetings or participating in programs?
  • Time Management– Just incorporating a few of the ideas that are generated during this session can make a big difference in getting the right things done at the right time and unclutter your desk.
  • Building the Team– A strong team is at the core of any successful nonprofit. nonprofitThere is no room for people who are not on board and rowing in the same direction. There is no room for “silo thinking”

Above we have listed some of the common workshops requested by nonprofits. We also suggest you visit the Workshop and Seminars page on our website and look at the blog page also. It all starts with a conversation. Either (910) 575-1286 or email to start the discussion.