Review the Strategic Plan

Is It Time to Audit Your Strategic Plan?

Last year our board and executive committee met for two hours, once a week, for five straight weeks with a consultant and developed this new strategic plan. Everyone seems to love it and auditwas very excited by the outcome. Now a year later, nothing has seemed to change. We seem to have the same issues and problems that existed a year ago and spend our time at board meetings in the details of finding solutions. Sound familiar? This month’s issue of the Quill contains an article, The Strategic Plan That Never Happened which begins to discuss this very situation. Maybe it is time for an audit.

Recently we were approached by a college foundation, whose purpose was supplying financial support to deserving students in the community. The board chair contacted us and we met to discuss her concerns. It seemed a year ago the board had gone through the process described above and no progress had been made.  We reviewed the written plan and found it to be outstanding. The consultant had done a fine job leading them through the process and produced a well-structured plan. What happened?

Further discussion with board members and the staff revealed the obvious. That great plan was not being implemented. Goals had been set, but no one had been given the responsibilities to accomplish the action step required to achieve those goals. No time table existed and the board had not made it part of the regular meeting agenda to review progress.

A meeting with board and staff was convened to develop an implementation plan. There were, at first, volunteers to be responsible to carry out action plans.  Assignments were made where specific skills were required. Progress reviews became an essential part of each board meeting.

As a result, the foundation began to become more productive. Fund raising events were even more successful than previously. New sources of income were found. More students were helped on the way to productive careers in important occupations.

We have worked with dozens of companies and organization throughout the Carolinas with the development and implementation of their business and strategic plans. If this story seems familiar, let us help you start on your way to greater success. Email or call today for a no-charge review of the status of your strategic plan.