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How Important Are Your Employees

employeesMost businesses invest in marketing and advertising each month but overlook another vital investment that they are already making–that investment is their employees. Your employees can make or break your company, and recently I ran into a very poignant example of that fact.… Read the rest

Knowing Your Organization

Assessing Sustainability

sustainabilityWhether you are a business, a charitable organization, or an association, the relationships you have with customers, donors, or members is critical to continued success. That relationship needs to be one which builds loyalty. At the root of success is the loyalty of those, in many cases employees, within the organization to the mission. A lack of employee loyalty may result in the inability to achieve goals and dysfunctional communication. Morale and culture issues may develop. On an overall basis, there is no alignment of systems, people, and strategy.

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Possible Workshops

Pep Up Your Next Meeting with a Workshop


What goals do you have for your next conference or business meeting? Why go through the time and expense of bring a group of employees together? Why do association members want to spend their time and money coming to your annual meeting? It just can’t be because we always do it.

Here are some possible goals you should consider:

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Customer Loyalty

Developing a Customer Loyalty Plan

RLS Focused Salutation has done a number of workshops for companies, non-profits and associations. One of those workshops is based on a process we use to develop loyal customers, donors or members. The link below will take you to a short YouTube video which provides the basics for one of those workshops.


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Developing Sustainable Profitabilty

Developing a Customer Loyalty Business Plan

marketing plan

Peter Drucker was quoted as saying, “The function of business is to attract and maintain customers.”One should add in order to make a profit or to be financially viable. Let’s suggest that within these combined statements there are three concepts to be explored:

  1. There is a distinct difference between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  2. Customer loyalty depends on providing the customer with perceived value and a positive emotional experience at every point of connection.
  3. Within any profitable marketing plan there are more than the four P’s (price, promotion, product/services, and place) to be considered. Customers need to get what they want and come back for more for a business to achieve long term success.
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Building Loyal Customers

Customer Loyalty

A Key to Business Success

success Business owners and managers must be focused on building a successful organization. Let’s define success as a business which is profitable and sustainable. All businesses must be profitable in order to cover their costs and provide the owner with an appropriate income. Sustainability refers to the ability for a business to survive tomorrow, next week, next month and far into the future. Having loyal customers is key to both profitability and sustainability. The questions are, therefore, why are loyal customers important to success and how do you create loyal customers?

Why are loyal customers important to business success?

Loyal customers are those who appreciate doing business with you and return over and over again.

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