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Everyone’s Role in Overall Team Performance

Everyone in an Organization Plays an Important Role in its Overall Performance

It’s no longer enough to be good, you must be exceptional. It is no longer enough to have satisfied customers, you must seek to develop a loyal and delighted customer base. It’s no longer enough toperformance maintain. You must be aggressive, responsive, and quick. Your challenge is getting everyone on your team or in your department committed and focused on achieving organizational success. As an effective team leader, your role is to build the best, strongest, most productive team possible. Your team or department’s results, or lack thereof, will be in direct proportion to the cohesiveness of your team.… Read the rest

The Process

1. We get to know each other

We start with a conversation. Our first meetings lay the foundation for good communications, effective relationships and ultimate success. Establishing mutual trust and rapport is important, so we take the time to understand you, your organization, and the major goals and challenges you face.

2. We assess your situation

In this confidential session, we help you define your objectives, challenges or performance gaps. We clarify your goals and listen carefully to your organizational and human needs. We use proven assessment tools, interviews and surveys to help you analyze your situation so you can establish priorities.

the_process3. We develop a customized approach

Many of us face similar challenges, yet people and cultures are unique. Taking the time to know both helps the RLS Focused Solutions team develop the right approach for you.… Read the rest

Robert Stinson

bob_stinsonBob Stinson is a 40-year veteran in the field of management and leadership. His responsibilities have included the management of engineering, manufacturing and sales functions in a variety of companies ranging in size from as small as 20 people to as large as General Motors. He has held the title of President, Vice President, General Manager, Plant Manager, and Engineering Manager.

Bob graduated Cum Laude with a Masters Degree in Business from Farleigh Dickinson University in Madison NJ. He received a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from Kettering University (formally GMI) in Flint MI. His study of management principles has been continuous with work at Columbia University, Rutgers University, and Claremont College.

Bob is a member of the adjunct faculty at Mt.… Read the rest